DeX P2P option platform for all: delta.theta

PRESS RELEASE. Delta.The Theta platform-a DEX options-has grown strongly since it was launched in May: raising nearly $ 2 million, building significant partnerships and launching major ETH and BSc networks are just a few examples of what the team has achieved in less than two months.

Advanced strategies offered to farmers and traders who can ultimately operate directly with liquidity on a fully functional platform in both Ethereum and BSc chains.

The project brings derivatives into the cryptocurrency field and successfully launches DeX’S P2P options platform. Options in the crypto Sunday are called outsiders and are not so popular with less than 1% volume compared to total trading volume. The only valid central competitor is Deribit, which covers 80% to 90% of the entire options market volume in crypto.

The other side of the situation is DeX’s approach to options. The mismatch of AMMS/LPS and options makes it difficult to develop a platform that meets the needs of the Sunday market. Delta.Theta is here to provide each user with direct access to the order book and liquidity of all other members. This approach allows users to create new options markets for volatile and risky assets compared to a stable currency-an impossible Action for LP-based options.

a plan for the future

For the first month since the initial launch of the Delta core network.The Theta dex option platform operates on the main BSc and Ethereum networks. Since its launch, the team has managed to get two Premium asset listings in just a few weeks :$ DAO and $HAPI.

Both listings are just the beginning of Sunday’s expansion. The team welcomes all project teams from the ETH, BSc and Polygon networks for FREE entry to Delta.Theta are variants of DeX.

Yeah, you heard me right! Delta.Theta is launching a storage terminal over the next few days on August 23. This allows more users to enjoy the indisputable advantages of options over spot trading. “We decided to expand into storage because

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