DEX Barter Smartplace Launch: A New Era of NFT Trade

In Barter Smartplace, collectors can use barter as the best way to create a collection. Coins for paintings, sculptures for digital art, a 1960s car for a gold coin collection, and many other barter options are now available through barter. What is Barter Smartplace? Barter Smartplace is a decentralized exchange for exchanging goods, currencies and digital assets. The project has been developed with proprietary and private investment funds since December 2018, and this week saw the highly anticipated launch of the NFT market with a security audit of, market leaders in blockchain security for contracts. smart. Barter is drawing a new funding round to increase the capabilities of the Smartplace platform. Its main purpose is to create a legally important basis for the transfer of ownership of goods through smart contracts and NFTs. Barter Smartplace Features Barter creates a blockchain swap trading platform whose objects can be coin assets, real estates, and cash. The development of the Barter ecosystem is based on the innovation of the solutions offered and their practical value for the market. Barter is built on three pillars: security, convenience and affordability. Any Smartplace user can create a new NFT like CryptoArt, a game character or even a real product or real estate. The company is expanding NFT's reach by applying the BEP-721 and BEP-1155 standards to the Binance Smart Chain to symbolize ownership of real assets to connect the real world to digital. It costs 10 BRTR to specify a product or create a digital NFT. Users create ads from NFT and offer exchanges for other products or supported cryptocurrencies: BRTR, BNB, BTC, ETH, BUSD, DOGE as well as have the option to auction them. . An ad placement commission is paid in BRTR and is only 0.02% of the cost of the goods in the advertisement – the claim for tokens is provided b Read more

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