Deliver Tailored Experiences Using Automated AI and Cognitive Data

It’s probably a good thing that many of us saw fintech’s Year of the Customer coming a mile (or at least several months) away.

There is no one who anticipated a year ago what the world would look like right now. But I suspect that fintech’s preoccupation with the customer experience going into this year has helped the industry make the necessary adjustments now that 2020 has actually arrived – in all its unpredictable craziness.

One of Europe’s most underrated fintech countries, Portugal, is home to this week’s latest Finovate webinar host: Celfocus, a company that is helping other companies offer a better customer experience. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Lisboa, Celfocus is a system integrator and specialist in digital transformation that works with businesses in a number of verticals to enable them to enhance their operations using automation and AI.

On Wednesday, September 30th, Celfocus’ Henrique Cravo (Digital Lead) and Carlos Domingos (Digital Channels and Integration Lead) will lead an interactive conversation that looks at how cognitive data insights can be the key ingredient – along with automated AI – that enables financial institutions to build and deliver “tailored experiences that trigger new targets, portfolios, and customer lock.” As the demand for greater personalization grows, Cravo and Domingos will show how financial institutions that customize offerings to meet their clients’ needs are likely to develop the deepest and most meaningful engagement. And the key to being able to deliver this high level of customization is being able to effectively manage and interpret customer data.

“From risk takers, tech-savvy, and hungry for innovation customers to tech avoiders that value human touch,” Cravo and Domingos wrote earlier this year, “banks must accommodate different engagement approaches and insights to differentiate customer profiles. This happens,” they wrote, “not because they don’t have the data, but because they can’t mine it.”

Learn more about Celfocus’ approach: Customer Knowledge Augmentation and Activation from their July 2020 guest post. And then join us on Wednesday for an in-depth conversation on how banks and other financial institutions can not only gain new insights into their data, but also leverage that data into actionable knowledge to provide better, more consistent, personalized customer experiences.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

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