Defie Token Amplefort Lancert op Çığ

Ampleforth is launching its algorithmic account at Ethereum rival Avalanche.

Fragments, Inc.”Amid the changing regulatory framework and uncertainty about what the decision on stable coins will be, it is important that Defi has a financial building block that is uncensored and decentralized in terms of price predictability or stability,” Evan Kuo, CEO of Defi, said in a statement.. The developer company of the Ampleforth protocol. 

The Ampleforth protocol fixes the total offer on a daily basis by transferring volatility from the offer price, and the delivery policy of the protocol is independent of traditional banks or creditors. 

Ampleforth regulates the total volume of supply through a mechanism called redistribution. AMPL token holders will burn their tokens if the AMPL price drops below $1, or owners will receive more AMPL tokens if the price exceeds $1. 

However, the events of overheating were very unstable, they were overshadowed by many double-digit increases and decreases. For example, at the time of printing, the coin is trading at $ 1.62.

“It is ironic that the DEFI ecosystem is currently too heavily reliant on central stablecoins to secure liquidity and secure loans,” Kuo said. 

Avalanche, on the contrary, is a blockchain whose layer provides compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual machine (EVM). 

Since August, the DEFI ecosystem, built on the Avalanche blockchain, has reached more than $ 8 billion of total locked value (TVL). In addition, it consists of more than 40 decentralized exchanges and protocols. 

“DEFIE will end badly” without defense: SEC Chairman Gary Gensler
In fact, Avalanche has seen about 8% of the DEFI industry’s current tvl, which, according to Defi’s momentum, is about $105 billion. 

Defie is under attack
Over the past year, the DeFi industry has reached new heights, but this progress has not been made without the supervision of regulators. 

Earlier this summer, SEC chairman Gary Gensler noted that many DeFi platforms can accommodate unregistered securities, adding:

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