DeFi Throughput Protocol (DYP) Sees Massive Growth After Binance Smart Chain Integration

The DeFi Return Protocol (DYP) continues to be popular in the decentralized financial industry. Since the DAPP strike started three months ago, the DYP protocol has seen tremendous growth in the community. The DeFi Yield Protocol Farm yield platform blocked more than $ 39 million in ETH staking agreement and paid 7,064 ETH worth over $ 14 million to liquidity providers. DYP also saw a 20x increase in liquidity on the popular decentralized exchange Uniswap. Currently DYP / ETH has over $ 21,000,000 in cash at Uniswap. DYP expanded its ecosystem with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) integration in February. The DeFi Return Protocol (DYP) enables users offering cash to earn reasonable returns. It also uses an anti-manipulation feature that prevents whales from changing the price of the original token DYP. This is done by converting all DYP rewards into ETH daily and sending them directly to the owner's wallet. This ensures that the liquidity protocol is sustainable and rewards are generated without affecting the price. This allows liquidity providers to offer liquidity providers and earn ETH with minimal risk. This development was followed by the launch of a strike and governance dApp that allows users to provision liquidity through the Binance Smart Chain. Staking dApp allows users to add liquidity to any of the PancakeSwape pools: DYP / BNB, DYP / ETH, and DYP / BUSD. Each pool has four different staking options, with liquidity rewards ranging from 30,000 FXPs to 100,000 FXPs per month. Rewards are also based on a minimum lockout period of three to 90 days. Users can also choose from three different cryptocurrencies for rewards, including ETH, BNB or DYP. In addition, the DYP token is now available in BSC and Ethereum, which allows cross-chain compatibility for users of the DYP ecosystem. Like the Ethereum version of DYP, all pool rewards given in DYP BSC are awarded automatically by smart. Read more

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