DeFi Throughput Protocol (DYP) Launches Dashboard With Decentralized Tools

Yield Agriculture Protocol DYP has launched the long awaited DYP vehicles. DYP Tools V1 is a decentralized tool dashboard created with features that will increase the use of DYP Token and the entire DeFi ecosystem. The vehicle's dashboard acts as a liquidity vault for any DeFi project and protects the DeFi community by providing a decentralized trust score across DeFi. The release of DYP Tools V1 is a milestone for the yield agriculture protocol and the dashboard tool is equipped with comprehensive functions. Some of these are UniSwap Watchman, Pool Explorer, Unique Community Trust Vote System, Big Swap Explorer, DYP Locker, Top Tokens Page, Get Farm Data and many more. Let's take a look at some of the features. Comprehensive Data Collector DYP has integrated a UniSwap Watchman option that periodically collects data from Uniswap V2 smart contracts. The data is converted to the correct format and enables storage and transmission within the core of DYP Tools. Pool Explorer is a useful option for Uniswap traders and displays the latest activity from pools supported in DEX. It also provides filtering options that traders can use to control pool addition and removal. Traders can also see the top 10 most popular pairs, Coingecko ETH price, and the latest ETH gas price. The Couple Explorer is more specific than the Pool Explorer and it scans the names and links of the pairs on UniSwap. Traders can access TradingView charts, cryptocurrency pair prices, liquidity, volume, and other information. The community trust and voting option is also available, and users can view the last 333 exchanges in a trading pair. Additionally, a Big Swap explorer option provides information on large swaps (over $ 10,000 swaps) on Uniswap. This way, traders can know the movements of whales and be aware of possible increases in liquidity or withdrawal from a trading pool. DYP Tools also has a top coin page that displays the top 100 tokens based on presets, including trust score, amount of liquidity.

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