DeFi Performance Protocol (DYP) Launches DYP Winning Vault

DeFi Yield Protocol, the leading farm return platform, launched the highly anticipated DYP Earnings Vault. Vault is an automated revenue development contract that fully integrates with the composite protocol and supports five markets including ETH, WBTC, USDC, USDT, and DAI. Earn Rewards at DYP Earn Safe Users can add an asset to Earn DYP Vault and start earning great returns on their assets. One of the unique features of the enclosure is its integration with the composite protocol. When users deposit money into the vault, the funds are transferred to the Compound protocol in exchange for the corresponding cTokens held in the smart contract. The interest generated by the Compound is then distributed among investors. DYP Earn Vault offers investors different blocking conditions for each of the supported markets. Users can lock their tokens for 3, 30, 60 and 90 days, and the average interest increases as the length of the lockout period increases. In addition to the interest generated by the composite protocol, the DYP Earnings Vault includes unique strategies to increase APY for each market. 75% of the fee is shared among active cashier users and 0.3% withdrawal fee, the remaining 25% is used to use and burn DYP from Uniswap. APY fixes between 2.5% and 18% depending on the lockout time, and 75% is distributed among active users of the vault, depending on the DYP price on Uniswap ETH, the price of 400k gas, which is equal to Gwei's current price for deposits and withdrawals. strong and the rest are used and burned for Uniswap's FX redemption Investors can reinvest FX rewards on a fixed share of 35% APR over a 4-month period. Lock Time FX transaction fees are higher than comparable protocols due to the complexity of smart contracts. The protocol as it seeks the best possible revenue opportunity for users. But DYP makes up for this by offering some of the best ALM on the market. For example, if you use the Compound protocol, you'll get 0.12% APY for ETH vault with cheaper transaction fees. DYP Vault,

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