DeFi, NFTs and Fan Democracy; announces a new partnership with Olyseum, a decentralized organization that creates governance dApps for DAOs, announced this week its first major partnership with the revolutionary new fan engagement platform Olyseum. Olyseum is a blockchain-powered social ecosystem that strengthens the bond between fans and stars through unchangeable tokens (NFTs). The announcement of the partnership came as Olyseum prepares for the upcoming launch of the star-focused NFT platform, which is expected to launch in the coming weeks. specializes in second-rate voting technology and pricing, with a prediction marketplace, decentralized auction house, and a set of gas-free multi-channel voting tools designed to improve management in the space challenge. dApp package is the decision support toolkit for the future of decentralized finance. It is managed by FVT holders who control our roadmap, monetary policy and funding of our platform. will work with the Olyseum team as an official DeFi infrastructure and governance partner, supporting them to build decentralized forex markets, price discovery mechanisms and fan-based democracy. 'affecting. NFT Auctions and Price Discovery The upcoming launch of Olyseum's new innovative NFT market category will fundamentally redefine the NFT landscape. Olyseum will be one of the first partners to mobilize funding. Votes for a decentralized auction house will be ready soon. Olyseum offers a special series of NFT discounts that provide a 'first in the market' type, using's binary research auction design that focuses on finding the best price for extremely rare and high quality NFTs. the world "will represent NFT. will also work closely with Olyseum on the design of new NFT brands and support them in the development of a mechanism for NFT trading. Liquidity Engineering Olyseum's new innovative branded NFTs can be purchased with Olyseum's local utility token “ OLY '' and

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