Defi AAVE, Synthetix, THORChain tokens rise rally

Numerous decentralized funding tokens (Defi), including Synthetix (SNX), aave (AAVE) and THORchain (RUNE), are generating huge profits today.

At the time of writing, Snx, crypto stocks synthetix’s own protocol token, manages the payload. The SNX is trading at $ 13.11, up 19.6% for the day, according to CoinGecko.

In particular, Synthetix was one of the most influential Defi tokens last week.

This is followed by AAVE, AAVE’s own symbol of decentralized lending and borrowing platform, which now makes a profit of around 8.6% and trades at around $ 317. In contrast, cross-chain crypto project THORChain showed that the price of the rune coin increased by about 6.3% to about $ 6.6.

Many other Defi markers, including Uma (9.5% growth) and Harvest Finance Farm (15.4% growth), are also in the Yesil region today.

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Meanwhile, a total of over $ 55 billion has now been locked in deci platforms. Almost half of these are concentrated in the three leading protocols, such as AAVE ($10.85 billion), InstaDApp ($8.83 billion) and Curve Finance ($8.21 billion).

Bitcoin is trading at $ 34,357, up about 1.1% on the day. The second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, shows almost identical results – $ 2146, a 1.3% increase over the past 24 hours.

Binance Coin (4.5% growth), Cardano (1.6% growth), Xrp, Ripple (%growth 4,3), Dogecoin (2.5% growth), polka dot (%0,7 growth) and Uniswap (3.6% growth) on the daily chart of other popular digital assets such as looks, but quite a few.

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