Decentralization of Bitcoin, Twitter and everything

On Wednesday night, Nic Carter of Castle Island Ventures opened a Twitter Spaces chatroom to discuss approval of El Salvador's bill to use Bitcoin as legal tender. Then there was a real Annex A on the crypto zeitgeist of social media: El Salvador's president Nayib Bukele and his brother and campaign manager Karim Bukele spontaneously joined the virtual room populated with over 23,000 users. Bukele spent a full hour in the chat room with Bitcoin users while voting to approve the Bitcoin account. Unlike a traditional press conference, the chamber allowed ordinary people to approach Bukele directly instead of being filtered through the news media. The politician answered questions about the content of the bill and talked about the future of Bitcoin in El Salvador, including the potential to touch the country's volcanoes for zero-emission Bitcoin mining activities. President Bukele's astonishing presence and contributions in the Twitter chat perfectly reflect the defining cultural shifts of our time: people are increasingly turning to the decentralization of information and power, and technical tools that level the playing field to improve access to knowledge. Many people (especially the young, but not the only ones) harbor a deep dislike of institutional watchdogs – the reluctance brought about by the crypto boom. Social media and Bitcoin are two of the most powerful examples of these shifts occurring in our time, drawing their growing strength from the same set of values both incubated in their adolescence by the circumstances of the last decade. Social media has partially removed the public's traditional reliance on the news media for information. Bitcoin similarly relies on the critical importance of decentralization in building a globally accessible financial system. Therefore, a virtual podium on Twitter hosted by a Bitcoin VC became a very suitable space for Bukele to showcase.

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