De opkomst Van oplossingen Level 2 Scaling en cross chain blokcheyn oplossingen op

Satoshi, the creator of bitcoin, laid the foundation for decommissioned and peer-to-peer digital assets, which gave rise to a new money ecosystem. Bitcoin has solved the inherent problems in the traditional financial world and the global currency system by offering an uncensored, secure and unique model that gives unlimited and personal banks no confidence in non-bank and non-bank. 

Six years later, ethereum was built, which changed the blockchain world forever. Ethereum brought innovation, flexibility and extensibility to the blockchain space with the help of “programmable blockchain” Turing, which allowed developers to build decentralized applications from above. 

Since then, innovations have emerged in this field that attract more people, practices and innovations, including decentralized funding (Defi), non-replaceable tokens (NFT), the first token offering, yield farms, and other endless innovations. However, as bitcoin and Ethereum grew in popularity, limitations and cracks in the technology began to emerge-scalability and “high transaction costs”at the top of the list. 

Level 2 decks and cross-chain solutions were created to reduce congestion on blockchains and provide faster, cheaper and cross-block transactions. The earliest examples of Level 2 solutions are Bitcoin’s Lightning Network and Ethereum plasma, a non-chain scaling solution. 

Engages Wanchain, optimism and polkadot, Solana, including Cardano blockchain solutions blockchain including scalability and faster and delivers more benefits for participants created and this new and improved value. 


Arguments for L2 scaling solutions?
Level 2 solutions are simple scale solutions built on top of the basic blockchain (known as the L1 chain) to reduce blockages, transaction costs, gas costs, and increased bandwidth. L2 chains, which offer similar solutions for side chains, inherit their agreed security from the underlying blockchain, unlike the first, which has its own agreed security and verification

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