De human application levert is a real utility aan HMT en het menselijk ecosystem

The human protocol was launched on the main Ethereum network. In October of this launch, he also participated in the listing of HMT (the human protocol’s own token) on the FTX, and 10 August-the human Protocol Foundation releases its human app: the first opportunity for people to perform data tagging tasks and receive HMT directly for their first access to human experience.

The HUMAN protocol provides a comprehensive infrastructure (tools, plugins, integrations, and APIs) to recruit, manage, validate, and compensate employees on a large scale. It is designed to support the creation of global job markets where almost anyone or machine can publish a job, and any worker with the necessary skills, knowledge or experience can perform tasks related to that job.

Although theoretically the protocol can support any work, most of the human tasks currently performed by hCaptcha involve image tagging. These tasks are now available in human practice with the successful completion of each HMT award. As a result, human implementation will support the creation of diverse, relevant and less biased datasets and allow the use of next-generation AI and ml technologies.

The announcement follows HMT’s record sale of coins earlier this year. For more information on human protocol, read this introduction.

Human application and HMT
The human protocol has been developed as a widely applicable technology, with implications for many industries, including the gig economy discussed in this article and those related to machine learning and artificial intelligence. The human protocol provides machines with a platform to empower people, free up their time and attention, and expand access to the global workforce and global opportunities for those workers.

Human protocol is a proven technology. Now, with the human app, the human real world program provides access to the human network and ecosystem. First chance for human application t

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