Daymak Launches Crypto Mining Tool By 2023

Daymak, a Canadian-based electric vehicle company, has announced the Daymak Spiritus, an electric car capable of mining cryptocurrencies. According to the specifications, it will also charge solar energy to reduce the load on the battery while driving. Offering the car for just 60 days, the company claims to have secured more than $350 million in pre-orders. Daymak Launches Crypto Mining Electric Car Daymak, a Toronto-based electric car company, has announced the launch of its new product Daymak Spiritus, a car that will feature cryptocurrency mining. According to the press release, Daymak can mine Spirits "from Dogecoin to Bitcoin while parked." Spiritus will have a built-in GPU that allows users to focus their mining power to collect any cryptocurrency. Nowhere in the description is there any mention of ASIC hardware, although it says it will involve Bitcoin mining. Aside from its cryptocurrency mining features, the Daymak Spiritus has other rare quirks: The car has an odd-looking, two-seater, three-wheeler, but isn't humped, going from 0 to 60 MPH in 6.9 seconds. . While far from the latest offerings from electric companies like Tesla, Daymak has chosen to stay on the more value-oriented end of the price spectrum, with an estimated price of $19.995 for the entry-level model launching this hardware. As "Deluxe". Spiritus also has a solar panel to power all non-mechanical systems, meaning if Daymak delivers, it could be the first car to enable solar-powered cryptocurrency mining. beyond that.” Aldo Baiocchi, president of the company, said: “We envision a future where your tolls, parking, and ride order are paid directly in crypto. Your online bills and banking can be managed through the same software platform. early

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