Dark Web Tool That Tracks Dirty Bitcoins Returns After A Week Of Outages

The blockchain analytics tool, designed to help Dark network users check how clean their bitcoins are, has reopened just a week after it was shut down.Julianne Feinstein 

Antinalysis is a website that promotes” blockchain privacy ” and allows users to check where the bitcoin they store comes from and how risky the storage is. The website was developed by Online developers of the illicit drug Sunday, according to a study by Tom Robinson, co-founder of blockchain research firm Elliptic. 

The vehicle closed last week when AML bot, which uses anti-analytics to retrieve data, disabled a third-party service of its anti-money laundering software. 

Antinalysis, a blockchain analytics tool created by criminals for criminals, is back! It is no longer dependent on a third party for address tagging.”Of course, only monero is considered payment: pic.twitter.com/zxo8qw7qrı

– Tom Robinson (@tomrobin) August 24, 2021

But he’s back, and now he’s working on the” clear web ” webpage: anyone can open it. Because the website only runs on the Tor network-a privacy-focused web browser and gateway to the dark network. 

“Now we’re back, and we’re no longer dependent on a third party in address tagging,” says the website, which prides itself on an all-new blockchain analytics system. “If you’re looking for blockchain privacy, you’ve come to the address,” he adds.  

Tom Robinson told decrypt that while the Website is used by criminals who want to check how likely cryptocurrency exchanges will mark cryptocurrency as revenue from crimes, it’s not really illegal. 

“It has the same functionality as before, in the sense that bitcoins are trying to tell you where it came from at the address,” he said. He said: “it’s not really illegal so I don’t think they have any concerns about its closure.” 

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Those who want to use the Antinalysis service must pay, but now they can only do so with the help of Monero, called Privacy

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