Dark Web Tool Controlled For Dirty Bitcoins Is Disabled

This weekend, blockchain security analysts discovered a dark web tool called Antinalysis that generated reports on criminal risks that could be used to identify illegal bitcoins.

However, the sudden attention forced the vehicle to shut down when one of the service providers, the AML bot, disabled access.

The AML bot confirmed in a statement today that the company that unknowingly provided antinalysis with access to its service was “conducting an internal investigation and closing the antinalysis account.”The AML bot itself is a vendor for Crystal Blockchain, another blockchain analytics tool.

In a statement, AML bot said: “We want to assure you that we are working on reasonable measures to prevent this type of registration in the future.”

Criminals on the dark web have created a tool that checks for the existence of dirty bitcoins
The company also confirmed that it had provided information to law enforcement about all relevant addresses using anti-analysis. Tom Robinson, co-founder of London-based blockchain research firm Elliptic, said anti-analysis could help identify its creator.

At the same time, an anonymous antinalysis technical manager described the overclocking of the AML bot as an “illegal capture” of the data source, which they blamed on the media.

Darknet, the creator of this service, contacted me with a statement. They say the site was removed 8 hours after our report and was not intended solely for criminals: https://t.co/OK39RV6jHd pic.twitter.com/LNLMcHVL4x

– Joe clean (@joetidy) August Jul 16, 2021

“We see ourselves as activists who dislike government bodies conducting mass surveillance under the name of national security and criminal investigations,” he told the BBC.

The tool that once controlled dirty bitcoin
Antinalyse allows users to check whether they can track a particular Bitcoin’s relationship to crime. After connecting Bitcoin wallet, tool

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