Cryptorynok Stuck In “Extreme Fear” For Longest Time In More Than A Year

Blood flows on Kriptorynke, because the best coins correct losses on the board. Bitcoin and Ethereum remain critical support after mounting sales pressure that led to their weekly openings.

At the time of writing, BTC was trading at $ 32,867, a loss of 3.2% on the weekly chart. ETH is trading at $ 1,996, a change of 10% over the same period. Over the weekend, investors are becoming more upbeat and optimistic, but at the moment sentiment seems to be shifting in the opposite direction.

BTC moves down the daily chart. Source: BTCUSD Tradingview
Data from confidential research shows that the “extreme fear” score in the fear and Greed Index remained the same for 7 days. Like BTC, ETH and the rest of the crypto Sunday in the phase of change and consolidation, investor enthusiasm has been “stifled.”

Source: secret research
According to Jarvis Labs, the reasons for the downward behavior in current market conditions outweigh the rise. Using bytetree’s electricity cost models, Jarvis Labs established existing transactions in bitcoins at a cost-related premium. This means that there is currently pressure on the price of BTC.

Source: Jarvis Labs
Moreover, one of the main components of Kriptorynka, Tether (USDT), has been” quiet”in recent weeks. Jarvis Labs explains this lack of activity, which is in low demand from investors. Thus, they concluded that liquidity was low, indicating apathy in the cryptocurrency market.

Source: Jarvis Labs
This lack of pressure on buyers was compounded by the increasing flow of BTC to currency platforms for the final day. Gemini crypto exchange received more than 5000 BTC during this period, as monitor crypto Quant noted.

Grayscale Effect And The Potential To Further Reduce Bitcoin
The first of these coincides with the activity of a whale called “Pablo,” created by Jarvis Lab and analyst Ben Lilly. An investor would often force funds into a big drop event or cause bitcoin to continue to be written off.

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