Cryptojacking Event Falls For The First Time Since Intelligence Report 2018

Crypto hijacking activity, particularly monero mining types, seems to be losing momentum, as a recent report revealed a slowdown in illegal crypto mining activity in the cloud. A threat intelligence firm collected the results. According to Unit 42 of the Report Cloud Thread Report Targeting Monero Cryptojacking Incidents, cryptojacking attacks have declined for the first time since 2018, when the company began tracking illegal mining activities. However, the study focused specifically on monero (XMR). Threat actors in cryptojacking attacks primarily exploit the stealth cryptocurrency, which is well documented in research by other intelligence firms. From December 2020 to February 2021, only 17% of organizations with cloud-based infrastructure had crypto hijacking activity, according to Unit 42 report. This is a drop from the figure from July to September 2020, when 23% of companies reported such incidents. While the pandemic is increasing licensed crypto mining activity, the latest findings show that this is the first recorded decline in crypto hijackings since Unit 42 began tracking such attacks in 2018. Adequate security measures to prevent such attacks on cloud infrastructures: companies have not invested in managing the cloud and the automated security controls required to keep workloads safe while moving the cloud. In turn, they created serious business risks, such as the disclosure of sensitive unencrypted data over the Internet, and an invitation to breach by leaving unsafe ports open. While our Unit 42 cloud threat reports in 2020 raise similar issues, the numerous crises triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic have made the situation more difficult and pervasive. Still, the cyber intelligence firm raised red flags on the growing number. Read more

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