Cryptodracons on the Blockchain: Is This a Coincidence Made in Heaven?

According to Dappradar, NFT’s revenue reached $ 10.7 billion in the third quarter of 2021, as admiring these digital assets means that it is not worth slowing down. Undoubtedly, the NFT sunday is on the verge of a new big leap in development today.

Will Metaverse CryptoDragons be a new NFT hit?

The new NFT project will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021. CryptoDragons is the entire blockchain metavelon of collectible and counterfeit digital dragons, where all transactions are carried out using the Ethereum blockchain. Ordinary, epic and legendary NFT dragons hatch from NFT eggs, which are also kept in the blockchain, and the platforms are customized with 9 interconnected smart contracts. When whipping NFT eggs, anyone who wants the eggs of the first-born dragon can get them. Also, after the breeding day, the egg owners will have two NFTs instead of one – an eggshell and a Dragon. From these eggs, the entire Meta-Universe of Cryptodracons will emerge: as a result of reproduction, an NFT dragon of billions of species will appear.

Sweets, there are exactly 2 months left until 25/12 & #cryptodragons from @cryptodragons #Hatch from their cute eggs in dragons!

Legendary dragons share the cost of future dragon cubs!

You can also take one of these common rarities

Search the forums dec

– The traveling girl (@thecoingirl) October 25, 2021

The combination of digital art and advanced technology

CryptoDragons is a place where various innovative approaches are implemented. According to the CryptoDragons Discord channel, the platform is not just a project, but a Meta-universe filled with elements of entertainment, art, high-tech and much more.

The first DNA of the blockchain and much more

As the creators of Cryptodragons have listed, there are several implementation approaches for which the CryptoDragons meta universe is groundbreaking. Here, the first blockchain DNA, the distribution of rewards, and dragon battles fully integrated into the blockchain are taking place. NFT dragons are not just the result of purely classification

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