Cryptocurrency Exchange Hotbit Hacked: Systems Paralyzed, 2 Million Users Affected

A crypto currency exchange with approximately 2 million users worldwide announced that it was "under a serious cyberattack". A number of essential services were crippled and the attacker tried to access their wallet wallet. As a result, the platform was closed, with the announcement of the need for a "deep study" expected to take one to two weeks. Hotbit says it was “ under a serious cyberattack. '' The Hotbit crypto exchange announced on Friday: Hotbit suffered a serious cyberattack that started at 20:00 on April 29, 2021, causing some core services to be crippled. The ad adds that "the attackers also tried to hack Hotbit's wallets," but the exchange claims that the "venture was detected and stopped by our risk control system." The exchange says it is "on the verge of surpassing 2 million registered users and to ensure security, the Hotbit team will completely rebuild all the servers" and has a massive service system architecture of more than 200 online servers. Insisting that all client assets are "safe and secure," the exchange announced: The Hotbit team immediately stopped all inspection and remediation services. As for the payback period, the exchange expects it to take about 7-14 days, emphasizing that "it should not take less than 7 days." In addition, "The estimated recovery time will be longer as everything progresses." After the hack was announced, crypto transfers were detected from Hotbit's addresses. The exchange claims that the transfers are “ the result of the creation of a new cold wallet. The exchange announced that the attacker deleted the users' database after gaining no assets. It also warned that "the attacker already has access to the database", so users' "registered phone number, email address, and asset information" may have been leaked. Stating that the database has been backed up, the company says: “We still don't know if the attacker has a survey.

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