Crypto Weekly Recap: Take A Look At Some Of The Most Important News From The Cryptocurrency Field

The Cryptocurrency market has had an important week, from Coca-Cola to regulatory news. Let’s take a look at some of last week’s biggest crypto space updates. 

Crypto Investors Are More Diverse Than Traditional Investors 
A study by the University of Chicago NORC found that cryptocurrency investors are much more diversified than traditional stock market investors. Out of the total of those surveyed, researchers found that among those who stored cryptocurrency, 41% were women and 44% were people of color.Dec. As for traditional shares, only 35% were of color and 38% were women. 

Ph. D., University of Chicago economist Angela Fontes cited several reasons why cryptocurrencies are decidedly popular among women. This may be because cryptocurrencies are more affordable than traditional Sundays. The researchers also found that cryptocurrency investors tend to be younger and come from a lower economic background compared to traditional investors. Fontes explained, 

“There is a world of knowledge about the stock market and how to trade, which stocks to trade, full of terminology that you have to learn and understand first. there is much more information in crypto at the basic level because it does not have the same maturity as traditional equity investments.” 

Bitcoin Independent From China-Bobby Lee 
Bobby Lee, one of the pioneers of bitcoin in China, recently spoke about the current ban on cryptocurrency and its impact on Bitcoin. He said China would increase its crackdown on cryptocurrencies and eventually ban them altogether. This would prevent residents from accessing cryptocurrencies in any form. 

“The next thing they could do, the last straw, would be something like a complete cryptocurrency ban. I’ll put 50 on 50.”

While the impact of the Chinese ban has had a negative impact on markets, Li said China

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