Crypto Volatility Index Helping Investors Profit From Market Crisis

The recent collapse of the cryptocurrency market allowed traders to calculate their losses and was liquidated within hours of $ 2.4 billion positions. The reasons – the pressures in China, the celebrities on Bitcoin's excessive power consumption, the widespread FUD in general – seemed insignificant amidst the deteriorating situation, and after the market entered the market, it ultimately exceeded $ 1.3 trillion. Hitting a record high on May 12, the aggregate market cap of all crypto assets in circulation lost more than 50% in just a couple of weeks. Volatility Index Rises During Market Massacre In the midst of the sea of losers, an index has managed to break its own record. The Crypto Volatility Index (CVI), its version of the exchange's CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), reached new highs when the value of the top cryptocurrencies fell. CVI, a DeFi principled designed to help traders make capital and even profits in times of extreme market turmoil, reached 190.98 on May 22, when bearish sentiment saw Bitcoin the number one cryptocurrency. Fell 8.9%. When volatility increases and all cryptocurrencies turn red, the Crypto Volatility Index (VIX for Crypto) allows you to protect your capital and even profit from market volatility. Here's how to do it:$GOVI $ COTI – CVI (@official_CVI) May 24, 2021 CVI traders opened a position on May 14 with an index of l hovering around 100 It would close at 190 CVI and return 90% at a time when the majority of traders turned deeply red. Additionally, traders knowledgeable about volatility hedging would earn $ GOVI Governance Token rewards that grant strikers 30% APY. The Blockchain COTI protocol announced its Decentralized Market Anxiety Index in beta form last December, focusing on Bitcoin. Three months later, support was added for Ethereum, another digital asset, whose value effectively halved over the weekend. P.

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