Crypto-Uitwisseling Neemt Voormalig At Financial Regulator Dinst California’s former financial regulator has hired Manuel Alvarez as its chief administrative officer. Binance’s core technology, crypto exchange in San Francisco, is focused on meeting “big demand” requirements. compliance, risk management and performance of functions in legal matters the U.S., which works on related wallet technologies and technologies licensed by the world’s leading foreign exchange trading platform, announced Alvarez’s appointment in a statement released this week. At the exchange, a new chief administrative officer previously served as Commissioner of California’s Department of Financial Protection and innovation, Bloomberg reports.

Manuel Alvarez will join the company on July 22 and report to its chief executive, Brian Brooks, a former banking regulator. Brooks, who served as head of the Office of the Comptroller of the currency (OCC), in May of this year.

Since then, Brian Brooks has nearly doubled his team. In the coming months, the exchange plans to hire more experts for its compliance, risk management and legal business units. Commenting on the latest lease, the manager said::

Hiring someone like Manny, who is responsible for protecting more than 40 million consumers, shows that we will not only take this seriously, but also advocate for compliance and consumer protection.

Brooks added: “Binance.”The US will continue to pursue top talent,” and these are” top people “for” very important ” features. The company is expanding its staff during a period of heightened control over crypto space, where exchanges are under pressure from regulators around the world.

Binance Holdings, a company co-founder and name sharing are currently subject to regulations in Thailand, the UK and Japan. Binance, a separate division of Brian Brooks

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