Crypto Trader Lark Davis Says Cardano And Ethereum Are On The Way To Hit 3 Times Big Profit

Crypto influencer Lark Davis said that smart contract platforms Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum (ETH) are preparing to increase 300% of their current prices. This week Davis heads to Twitter and YouTube to share his new view on the future of ADA and ETH as the total crypto market maintains a market cap of over $ 2 trillion. Approaching the launch of smart contracts on its platform in August, Cardano could quickly rise ahead of Davis' release announcements. "With Cardano's smart contracts in August, the price is expected to double as the event approaches." In January, Davis predicted that Cardano's ADA token would easily rise to $ 1.00 in the long run and likely reach $ 4.00 or $ 5.00 during the current bull cycle. ADA, the sixth largest crypto asset by market cap, is trading around $ 1.33 at the time of writing. Looking at Ethereum, Davis said he's ready to appreciate this bull by at least 300%, and it's always a good deal to buy the best smart contract platform for under $ 3,000. “In 2021, Ethereum will become deflationary and move to the proof of the stock. It's always cheap to buy for less than $ 3,000! “The reason Davis thinks $ 3,000 is such a low price for ETH is because the trader suspects that it will reach $ 10,000 during this bull market. Davis notes that $ 10,000 per coin will drive Ethereum to a market value of $ 1.2 trillion, which is not wildly appreciated given the platform's dominance in space. He believes the blockchain will continue to act as the backbone of the crypto space. “This is a market cap of just 1.2 trillion, not that ridiculous when you think about it. And it's just short-term. This is the basic smart contract p

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