Crypto trader Lark Davis said Ethereum will explode 500% – here's why

Crypto trader Lark Davis says the value of Ethereum (ETH) could explode more than 6 times its current price as it sees the market value of the mainstream smart contract platform rise to trillions of dollars. In a new video, Davis says that achieving Ethereum's market value similar to that of tech giant Apple is not too difficult given the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) subsectors and unchangeable tokens. (NFT) is largely supported by ETH. network. “I can say that a $ 2 trillion market cap for Ethereum in the future is actually not that bad. I mean, right now, Apple … Apple's market cap is now just over $ 2 trillion, almost $ 2.1 trillion. So we could see something like Ethereum, the crypto settlement layer with NFTs and DeFi, and daily settlement for payments and things like that right now. Even though I'm crazy, I think there's still plenty of room for this bad boy to roam around. According to CoinMarketCap, a market cap of $ 2 trillion for Ethereum increased almost 550% from its current valuation of $ 309 billion. The trader reminds his 307,000 YouTube subscribers that the Ethereum economy is showing widespread signs of life. "The number of users here still has great potential for exponential growth, so you should take that into account. Also, we found that decentralized currency volume has increased by 8,500% in the last 12 months so we can see the user base, the real Ethereum economy is growing wildly because you can actually do it in Ethereum. Davis is optimistic about the interest Ethereum has received from institutional investors and major investment players, including Ark Invest's Cathy Wood Ark Invest from Cathy Wood buys Ethereum for the first time 639,000 Ethereum Trust from Grayscale Pretty great, which means Ark Invest is turning more and more to Ethereum.

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