Crypto Savings Platform Ledn Raises $ 30 Million In Last Funding Round

Ledn, a Canadian cryptocurrency accumulation and lending platform, managed to raise $ 30 million in its last round of funding. The money raised will be used to expand the loan product range and expand reach to more countries. Ledn can take advantage of the recent challenges facing Blockfi, one of its competitors, to increase its share in the industry. Ledn Raises $ 30 Million in Last Funding Round Ledn, a Canadian-based cryptocurrency lending platform, successfully raised $ 30 million in its Series A funding round, ten times more than its first round of funding. The tour was led by Kingsway Capital, a London-based investment firm focused on digital assets and mobile internet investments. Other investors joined the tour: Alan Howard, Hashed, Susquehanna Private Equity Investments LLLP, ParaFi Capital, Alexis Ohanian and John Pfeffer. According to the press release, all credit institutions of the company also cooperated. This is the second successful financing round hosted by Ledn, and it raised $ 2.7 million in the first February. Since then, the company has grown significantly with the Bitcoin bull market. Ledn CEO Adam Reeds said his priority is to enter markets with high growth potential. As we stated earlier: With this new injection of capital, we will expand our success in America and increase our global footprint by prioritizing growing markets. Our goal is to create simple and secure solutions that enable customers to participate in the growing digital asset economy in a way that meets their individual needs and our own rigorous standard for security and reliability. Ledn's NGO Mauricio Di Bartolomeo explained the importance of Ledn's proposal for emerging markets such as Venezuela, where it grew. Di Bartolomeo said: Growing up in Venezuela, I saw with my own eyes how an unregulated system with little or no transparency could affect its people.

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