Crypto regulators face huge learning curve-Brock Pierce

According to Brock Pearce, president of the Bitcoin Foundation, most regulators don’t know enough about the cryptocurrencies they regulate.  

Earlier today, Brock Pierce interviewed Fox Business about the growth of bitcoin and how regulators believe it will deal with regulation of such a complex asset class. 

When asked if he believed bitcoin had managed to reach $ 50,000 once again, Pierce indicated that he believed uncertainty in the markets had helped this pass.  

Referring to the fact that more than 20 trillion dollars have been printed in the last 12-18 months, it has led to an increase in the value of solid assets such as real estate, stocks, cryptocurrencies and, of course, bitcoin. 

The interviewer referred to the uncertainty surrounding the regulation of bitcoin. Last week, he released an interview with Sec Chairman Harry Gensler, who called the crypto the “Wild West” and said the government should take control. 

Pierce said the Wild West is turning into California, and he’s pleased to be sure the U.S. will benefit the country as well.  

At first glance, the crypto sector from infrastructure to the Senate bill and $ 30 billion is presented with a statement that explained how the tax aims to collect, but as a software developer,” it is so much uncertainty about how to edit left”, potentially can cause these companies to go overseas. 

The head of the Bitcoin Foundation believes that “we are going through the Fourth Industrial Revolution” and that technology is changing the monetary system. Regulations is talking about: 

“Most of us are not against the concept of regulation-the idea of protecting people. But let’s make sure this is reasonable regulation and that our regulators and MPs take the time to inform so they can make decisions that benefit

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