Crypto pioneer Nick Spanos warns that Bitcoin 'will never be green enough' for some

Nick Spanos, the pioneer of crypto and blockchain, stated that Elon Musk's recent involvement in the crypto market was a "potentially promising" development to make Bitcoin mining more sustainable earlier this week. He said it was a glimmer of hope. He spoke with North American Bitcoin miners. They are committed to publishing current and planned renewable uses and asking WW miners to do so. Potentially promising, ”Musk wrote in a tweet on Monday. This came about when Tesla's CEO announced that the EV company would no longer accept Bitcoin as payment due to environmental concerns. This was at least partially responsible for the sharp drop in Bitcoin's value this month, which dragged the rest of the crypto market with it. However, Spanos, co-founder of the off-chain smart contracts market and toolkit Zap Protocol, set a silver lining for the recent chain of events involving Musk and the crypto markets. Spanos said, “The most important aspect of this episode is that Musk's drive towards greater sustainability commitments (remember that they are already using major renewable energy sources) will reduce some aspects of uncertainty about scalability. Therefore, he warned that Bitcoin would never be green enough for some people. It will probably never be green enough to protect its oil dollars, ”he added – the world's first physical crypto exchange,“ Some newcomers see the recent market decline as a price correction – or even the end – but the old hands know better. Market prices in Bitcoin's growing commitment to cleaner mining We should also be ashamed of the moves towards the central management of the boa that created the Bitcoin.

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