Crypto Phishing Bot Targets MetaMask Seed Phrases

MetaMask, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallet, has warned its users today that a phishing bot is trying to steal seed phrases. “ [Phishing request] comes from an account that looks 'normal' (but with a few subscribers), helpfully asking you to fill out a support form (hard to block) on a large site like Google Sheets and [and] ask you to give a secret recovery phrase, “MetaMask tweeted today. ID HUNT ALERT !: A new type of phishing bot has come online. Comes from an account that looks "normal" (Small Followers). Usefully suggest (hard to block) that you fill out a support form on a large site like Google Sheets. Request your recovery password / EeHumnmzbE – MetaMask (@MetaMask) May 3, 2021 MetaMask is a widely used browser extension that allows Ethereum users to interact with decentralized Ethereum based applications (dapps); Anyone who has access to a wallet 1 2 word can withdraw funds from the MetaMask wallet, where they can store the token keys and secure them after registration with the 12 word seed (reminder). The damage caused by this phishing attack is not yet known, but some of the responses to MetaMask's PSA on Twitter show that some users unknowingly shared opening sentences via attackers. "So there's no way to get our token, right?" A user wrote. Another wrote, "Someone moved my .1.5 eth to the same wallet address." Public blockchains track money transfers, but owners remain anonymous. As a result, funds are often irreversible. But there is always a chance: Last summer, white hacker Harry Denley broke into a phishing scam database and returned $ 16,000 of cryptocurrency to its real owner. In another phishing attack last December, blockchain intelligence firm CipherTrace detected a malicious website disguised as MetaMask that users couldn't distinguish if they didn't pay attention to the address. The URL of the site. Hacker stole $ 1,200 worth of Ethereum in under 100 seconds

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