Crypto Mining Company Compass Goes Nuclear In Partnership With Okla

Compass Mining, a service that allows anyone who wants to buy and place a machine for bitcoin mining around the world, has signed a partnership agreement with nuclear start-up Oklo. 

Purpose? Provide alternative energy sources for mining. 

By connecting to Oklo, the compass Community, which includes hosting services in Canada, the US and China, and a number of hardware manufacturers will be able to use “clean” nuclear power.Julianne Feinstein 

This is possible in part because of Oklo’s ambitious attempt to commercialize” mini nuclear reactors.””Instead of building large power plants to produce energy, California-based venture, college campuses, and large businesses, or farms to feed small unmanned facilities crypto mining wants to build in this case.

Far from that launch is the performance of one of the Okla micro-reactors. Source: Gensler
So far, the launch is off to a positive start. Okla became the first U.S. company to obtain a license for advanced nuclear fission technology, which was adopted by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission last year. 

Now he’s turning his attention to crypto mining.

The first phase of the project will be launched “at the beginning of 2020-ies” and Oklo will offer machines for Bitcoins compass mining with a net power of at least 150 megawatts, according to the press release published in decrypt. For example, 2 megawatts can provide electricity to about 400 homes.

Oklo claims that advanced fission power plants can generate reliable power for 20 years without requiring refueling, with the ability to scale the project further-the company says Compass could provide October power to accelerate bitcoin mining efforts.

“Every bitcoin miner understands the need for cheap and reliable energy,” said Whit Gibbs, Compass co-founder and CEO.

Compass sets new course for bitcoin
The partnership between the two companies comes amid decidedly heated debate about bitcoin’s negative impact on the environment and its rise

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