Crypto markt heropleving: converting tokens to BTC

August Monday August resurgence of kriptorynka seemed to be continuing when the cost of bitcoin topped $ 50,000 since April 2021. The renaissance of the leading cryptocurrency now seems to be in full swing, as evidenced by the increase in trading volume as well as a slight increase in bitcoin’s Sunday dominance.

BnB Summit
However, as in the past bull cycle, some central currency trading coins (or tokens issued by cryptocurrency exchanges) again seem to work better than bitcoin. This superior bitcoin performance of currency tokens is included in Binance’s BNB coin, which at the time of writing grew by 20% in just seven days.

As the data showed, on August 23, the price of the BNB currency briefly rose above $ 500 to calm down slightly, and then began to rise again and approach $ 500. The token’s growth above the $ 500 mark, the first since May 18, 2021, followed BnB’s jump of more than 10% in just 24 hours.

At this price of market capitalization of the BNB token, which is more than $ 77 billion, it is enough that the exchange token has the fourth largest crypto asset. That forecast makes for an NBB token, already up 1200% in 2021, the largest ever change token.

The ftx token, the next highest-rated central stock market token with a market capitalization of $ 4.77 billion at the time of writing, posted a profit of about 4% in less than 24 hours and more than 7% in seven days. However, like BNB, the FTX 2021 token earns more than 67% of earnings, 700% less than bitcoin, since the start of the year.

In fact, of the 13 central exchange tokens listed, only QASH, Bibox and QTF tokens have annual profits below 100%. On the other hand, of the 13, only two central exchange currencies, WRX (2,328%) and Kcs Kucoin (1,934%), exceeded the BNB token.

Emergence of central exchange tokens
A note on why central exchange tokens are superior to popular ones

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