Crypto investors profile after May 2021

Due to high consumer demand, apps such as eToro, Robin Hood and Revolut have added Dogecoin.
Novice traders were looking for tokens with high return on investment, while taking risks such as carpet sweepstakes
The Quickswap and Pancakeswap projects were favored to the detriment of Uniswap due to high operating costs.
Dinosaurs shone, but not as bright as coin tits.

Each crypto is identified by a bull run that ends with a” healthy ” correction. In May 2021, a minor correction was made that caused most retail traders to leave the crypto scene. So traders after May 2021 differ from what the Defi and NFT boom brought.

Season Of Memes Spurred Among Investors Dec.

In the usual run, new investors are flocking to the market. Incomesharks tweeted that inexperienced traders brought high levels of volatility because they” suggested they were investing because of preconceived ideas about a quick enrichment plan.

On trading platforms such as Binance Smart Chain, PancakeSwap surpassed Ethereum by 600%. Traders are attracted by the promise of low network costs and high profits. Moreover, the Vice President reports that projects at the BSc are “easier” to create; however, unlike established projects, they are fed by empty marketing promises.

Traders saw dog as the foundation of crypto success, later replaced by Shiba Inu, who rose 32% to 500%. However, the data shows that more than a third of investors have no idea about kriptorynka, while only 16.9% fully understand the market. In this context, new users were sensitive to what Dogecoin’s owner called a” cult rapid enrichment funnel” designed to raise money from the “financially helpless and naive.”

Innovation Beyond Legacy

As market cycles progressed, dinokoins such as ethereum, Litecoin or Monero had moments of success. However, new blockchain alternatives such as Solana, Polkadot and Polygon/Matic have attracted investor interest. While facilitating the emergence of Ethereum Defi

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