Crypto investment products zie 4E opeenvolgende capital release week, zijn beleggers winst te nemen?

Crypto investment products have included another week of cuts since investors withdrew $ 19.5 million from the fund this week. This also marks the fourth week of the outflow of investment products into digital assets. Money has continued to come from these funds despite the recent recovery in cryptorynke prices.


A total of $ 295 million has leaked from crypto mutual funds since mid-May, and analysts say the current outflow suggests investors are making a profit, despite prices rebounding. As most crypto assets are at new monthly highs, the crypto market is out of its nearly 8-week decline phase. Bitcoin managed to overcome the $ 40k barrier and the ether reached $ 2600.

Source: Coinshares
The price of crypto assets has started falling again amid uncertainty surrounding the Senate’s new bipartisan infrastructure deal that would impose a multibillion-dollar tax on crypto markets.

Bitcoin Sees Biggest Outflow Despite Record Entry
Bitcoin has posted its highest outflow in 4 weeks- $ 20 million-despite a record $ 4.1 billion in inflows to date.  Ether saw its second-largest outflow in the last 4 weeks when it left $ 9.5 million of crypto investment products. However, compared to Bitcoin, the output of Ether has only been seen in 6 of the last 12 weeks, while the output of bitcoin has continued in 12 of the last 10 weeks.

Source: Coinshares
While multi-asset crypto investment providers received a net inflow of $ 7.5 million, the trading volume of crypto investment products rose 173% this week and the price showed signs of improvement. The release of the ETC saw the largest fund inflows followed by Grayscale, while the Purpose ETF recorded fund outflows along with the money balls.

Source: Coinshares
Kriptorynka’s capitalization exceeds $ 1.5 trillion after losing almost 3% of its value in the last 24 hours. All crypto assets in the top 10 remain in the red zone after not consolidating above their recent resistance

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