Crypto game of the week: million coins (mm)

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Today, most of the cypom Sunday is made up of coin memes of questionable origin, dominated by large anonymous whales. Still, they surpass legitimate technology projects with huge profits. And Bitcoin, Colossus, makes all other currencies dance to their own pipes.

But what if there is a token in the market that is not affected by bitcoin retention, which is supported by a robust community of tech savvy in the long run?

Enter the million token, a YouTube channel based on programming and personal finance with more than a million subscribers, founded by former Google and Facebook programmer Patrick Shue, aka “technology leader.”

Shyu invested $ 1 million of his own money into the project, resulting in one million tokens each with a minimum value of $ 1. Since then, the token has gone viral in crypto investment circles and has been picked up by the tech community around the YouTube channel, which has built a website and development ecosystem around its million tokens .

With more than 10,000 owners and a current market capitalization of $ 200 million, the mm is only 1% of the value of the breast dog medallion at its peak. It is not yet registered on all exchanges and can only be purchased through the decentralized uniswap platform. It’s not hard to imagine a profit of 50-100 times as soon as the big exchanges come into play.

With a wider cryptornkom in the territory of permanent bears, in 2021 such opportunities will be as rare as chicken teeth. As usual, invest in what you can only afford to lose and see you at the Jacuzzi bar on the Moon!

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