Crypto Firebrand Max Keizer Says Gold Has This Advantage Over Bitcoin

Longtime Bitcoin bull Max Keizer claims that gold has only one advantage in terms of market capitalization over the world's leading crypto asset. In a new interview with Stansberry Research's Daniela Cambone, the Wall Street veteran admits that despite being a strong supporter of Bitcoin, gold is superior to Bitcoin because it is a malleable product that retains its properties and form at the same time. it changes its owner and offers anonymity. . "The only property that gold does not have at the moment is that Bitcoin is exchangeable. Gold can be exchanged to the extent that it is not Bitcoin. Fungibility means that you can melt your gold and rearrange it differently and keep it in its integrity like gold and be completely anonymous. Because Bitcoin is digital, it can be changed completely Because it is a public blockchain, because it is transparent, you do not have the same flexibility.According to traditional economic definitions, Bitcoin is not 100% consumable, thanks to the blockchain that allows you to see the history of any coin unlike gold, which can take a completely new form after melting. The lack of privacy of the Bitcoin blockchain is probably the reason criminal activity with BTC has declined dramatically, with most criminals opting for cash or other assets. ”This is actually why Bitcoin's criminal use is proprietary. It is estimated that Bitcoin has used 1% or 1.5% of Bitcoin in criminal cases worldwide, and that number has dropped to less than 1%. The last 5-9 months. Bitcoin is to use for crime because you can access the public blockchain, it is completely transparent and they track criminals, so criminals do not use Bitcoin. They use cash or maybe gold. Former Central Intelligence Agency Director Michael Morell recently published a letter claiming that criminal activity actually flowed from the Bitcoin blockchain to Ano. Read more

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