“Crypto developers look like unicorns-Gaurang Torvekar, co-founder of Indorse

In 2008, when blockchain was first conceptualized, who would have thought that cryptorynok would reach $ 2 trillion and become the digital gold rush of the 21st century.

With this exponential growth, new innovative crypto solutions are required every day, leading to a high demand for professionals in the blockchain field. Accordingly, jobs in this area are growing at a mind-boggling pace. 

Global demand for blockchain engineers is increasing by 517%. According to LinkedIn, blockchain is one of the fastest growing skills. The upwork report, a Freelance platform, says blockchain development is one of the most sought-after skills among freelancers, with growth decidedly exceeding 2000% decidedly and 6000% annually for three consecutive quarters. 

With the formal education system still adapting to learning on the blockchain, are crypto developers a rare but priceless bird? 

Blockchain developers

Cryptography has recently exploded. Due to the explosion of various projects on the scene, many developers are considering switching to the crypto train.

In an exclusive interview with DailyCoin, Gaurang Torvekar, co-founder and CEO of Indorse, said that blockchain engineers are the most sought-after professionals in the industry as a whole.

The full stack developer is currently expected to know the front-end and server programming languages. Some programming languages used in the development of blockchain (JavaScript, C#, C++, Java, Python, Go, Solidity) are primarily necessary in most modern jobs. 

Learning to work with Blockchain should not be a difficult task for technicians. Torvekar admits he has also worked on his stamina.

Leading Successful Technical Teams

Indorse holds the pulse of the Information Technology and development industry. The company offers a coding evaluation platform based on the ethereum blockchain, which aims to build, develop and support software development teams. 


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