breidt, naar Australia’nin crypto vergi raporlama hizmetini ücretsiz olarak sunmaktadır

Australians have now made it even easier to file their tax returns for cryptocurrencies

After successful launches taxes in Canada and America, he explained that the service is now available in Australia. loading makes it easy to record complex crypto loads in minutes and at no cost. The service is specifically designed to meet Australia’s tax requirements and supports over 20 large portfolios and exchanges, including application and sharing.

“We are excited to expand our free crypto tax reporting service in Australia”
Chris Marshalek, founder and CEO

“We have long been committed to delivering the world’s most compatible and easy-to-use crypto platform. As part of this, we are proud to offer all Australian crypto investors a simple solution to file their tax returns. More Sundays will be added soon.” the tax allows users to quickly generate accurate and organized tax reports, including transaction history and capital gains income records, and other taxable and tax-exempt transactions related to crypto. he worked with professional tax advisers to ensure that the logic of the calculation followed the existing rules and laws for filing crypto taxes in Australia.

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