Crypto-Betalingsopti maakt Dinsten Betaalbaarder: Zimbabwe Music Studio Director

Zimbabwean music production company Mutscon Music recently announced that its customers will now be able to pay for the service through cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. According to the company, the decision was necessary in part because of ongoing movement restrictions related to the pandemic.

Music Studio Takes Crypto
Mutscon Music has also decided to accept cryptocurrencies because this form of payment allows Zimbabwean people, including those from the diaspora, to pay directly for services provided to artists. Moreover, this payment option for BTC or ETH makes mutscon services more accessible, a company spokesman said.

To understand Mutscon music’s solution and what it means the news was linked to the company’s music director, Tonderay Muteta. Below you will find answers to questions from Mutets news. news (BCN): what led to the idea of accepting crypto payments?

Tonderai Muteta (TM): the flexibility of translation and the need to open up more opportunities for students, musicians and others as we are now more online. We have already used other forms of electronic money, so it seemed logical to include cryptocurrencies in the basket.

BCN: how long have you studied music?

TM: she has been teaching since 2007, and Mutscon Resources has been working since 2017.

BCN: when did you start getting cryptography and what was the reaction?

TM: we started in June 2021, but the reaction was modest.

BCN: aren’t you worried about the volatility of cryptocurrencies?

TM: we use [exchange rate] during translation. We are in good shape in the short term and we are exposed to currency volatility in Zimbabwe in the medium and long term so that we can deal with [price] changes.

BCN: do you have plans to add other cryptocurrencies in the future?

TM: Yes, of course, we will consider adding other cryptocurrencies if and when customers ask.

BCN: does that mean

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