Crypto Analyst Nicholas Merten, No Bitcoin Bear Market in sight

Closely watched crypto analyst Nicholas Merten explains some key signs that Bitcoin's bull run is still at full speed and no bear market is on the horizon. In a new strategy session, Merten puts forward the idea of expanding cycles or that each Bitcoin bull market is a little longer than before. According to this concept, the peak of the current bull cycle is theoretically further than many think. "We are pretty much in line with how we performed in the same timeframe for the 2017 cycle or the third cycle … The most important thing I want to emphasize is whether you are a fan of [the expanding cycle theory]. Historically, three times four times from the bottom of the market, the cycle must have been longer than before. Spreads are in sync … All the data here points to a fairly clear fact: most likely – this is not guaranteed – but probably not the end of the whole market Source: Nicholas Merten / YouTube Merten, in previous cryptocurrency bull markets and traditional markets The rally is typically on steep peaks or a form of 'explosive highs' unlike the slow, circular Bitcoin pattern that has been occurring in recent months. They rush and everyone is talking about it. Everyone should be exposed. They are missing the f FOMO (fear of missing something) … But this time it just shaken, experienced a bit of stagnation, like some of those mid cycles or mid-terms and corrections in a general bull market. Merten states that this bottom-up cycle lasts only 122 weeks, while the last cycle lasts about 152 weeks. If the theory of expansion cycles is correct, the current bull market could last at least 30 months.

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