Crypto aid platform Cardano (ADA) Lanceert meets with Rwanda-NGO gebaseerde Dec.

Cardano explained that the Rwanda Child Rescue Foundation was the last charity to adopt cryptocurrencies. The partnership was successful with Cardano successfully establishing a payment gateway that allowed the NGO to receive donations using the ADA in Cardano’s national currency.

In a statement posted on the Save the Children website, it explains that thousands of Rwandan children can now receive help through donations with the cryptocurrency, which in this case is the island.

Read / Cardano demand on the subject (ADA) is growing among retail and institutional investors, Dec.

The partnership with Cardano would allow NGOs to raise money directly from donors without the need to use third parties or intermediaries to process donations. In this case, the charity loses a good percentage of the donated funds as compensation.

Not The First Rodeo With Cryptocurrency
“Save the children” is not new to working with digital assets. The charity has been accepting donations in bitcoins since 2013. The initiative was in response to Typhoon Haiyan, which wiped out Southeast Asia and completely wiped out the Philippines.

Thanks to this move, the organization save the children became the first global non-governmental organization to accept donations in cryptocurrency.

The island price is now down to $ 1,236 per coin / source: adausd
The organization Save the children began receiving donations in the form of digital assets to quickly and effectively provide assistance to affected people in the region, and from there several initiatives related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain began. One is MicroWorks, the Save The Children initiative, which helps refugee young people earn a living by paying them to collect data using their mobile phones.

Cardano (ADA) is currently the newest member of the digital assets accepted by the organization. Now save the kids can accept multiple digital assets with the cryptocurrency wallet widget.

For Now, Donat

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