Crypterium plans to remove 30% of total crpt token delivery by burning

Today, there are many different ways to add value to your own cryptocurrency. Some projects focus on marketing, while others are fixed delivery or coin burning. Crypterium plans to burn 30% of total crpy deliveries, which will be an important milestone for the crypto bank.

Burning tokens remains a viable option
One of the comments most heard about a number of cryptocurrencies is that their offer is “too big” to appreciate anything. Although there are hundreds of billion tokens or more projects, there is usually a mechanism that allows the supply to be gradually cut off. one option to do so is to burn the tokens, saying developers will send part of the overall submission to an unacceptable address.

Crypterium chooses a similar approach, albeit in a more controlled way. The team has been burning tokens since 2019, with more tokens coming out of circulation each year. In 2020, the team has spent more than $ 500,000 on tokens and are trying to significantly increase their game. The current plan is to burn more coins than last year. This year’s figures show the scheme has been successful since 800,000 additional tokens were burned in the first six months of 2021.

Given how this project started, with a monthly expenditure of 10,000 crpt, the project has progressed significantly. The slow and steady rate at which these burn symptoms are planned to increase will be replaced by a more aggressive action plan. This plan was drawn up by 2023. Burning more tokens will benefit crpt token holders, as reducing the total supply means they will retain most of what remains.

To date, Crypterium has attributed the burn rate to the platform’s trading volume. As a crypto bank, the services provided by this project may be needed for millions of people. However, the founders acknowledge that this is the right time to accelerate the exchange and burning of open market tokens. There are still 83 million CRPT in circulation, 18 million of them

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