Cryptanalyst predicts all-time highs for two altcoins, plotting more paths for Cardano, Polkadot and Chainlink

The renowned crypto strategist and trader is predicting new record highs for two low-cap altcoins, revealing potential paths for Cardano, Polkadot and Chainlink.

A crypto analyst known as Capo tells his 138,200 Twitter followers that he is closely watching the price change of Phala Network (PHA), a privacy protection protocol for cloud computing services.

According to Capo, Phala can be prepared up to 0.000038 for a 65% rally against bitcoin (PHA / BTC), whose current value is 0.00023.

“PHA / BTC is bullish. Parashine comes.”

Source: Capo / Twitter
Another coin on the merchant list is a blockchain “Sandbox” – based gaming ecosystem. Capo estimates that sandbox is ready to start the rally against bitcoin (kum/BTC) to a new record of 0.00004.

Given the current price of 0.000013 pairs, Capo’s target price represents a potential increase of more than 207%.


It is about to reach a new peak. The installation works perfectly and is a leader in altcoin Sunday.”

Source: Capo / Twitter
The third coin on the capo watchlist is the polkadot chain, which says the capo must overcome 0.00055 resistance to support bullish investment.


You don’t look like a bull yet. I’ll wait for signs of Ascension.”

Source: Capo / Twitter
Cryptotrader also monitors the movement of the decentralized Oracle Chainlink network against bitcoin (LINK / BTC). According to capo, he expects the pair to reach support at 0.00034 before the next phase of the bull market starts, approaching an all-time high of 0.00169.


I’m waiting for the last wave to roll in the previous layer. If it falls below that level and then regains it, it will be a good opportunity to buy.”

Source: Capo / Twitter
Capo says he is also optimistic about Cardano (island).

It sees the island grow against BTC by the end of the year, and possibly reach an unprecedented high at the end of December.

“I repeat: time is not

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