CREAM Partners with Band Protocol to Enhance Credit and Credit Markets

CREAM Finance announced that the Band has full integration with price oracles on Binance Smart Chain and Fantom, which will improve all credit markets. The tape protocol now provides all the information about the oracle for warranties, liquidation, borrowing and exchange rates. Integration enhances security and secures more than $ 622 million stranded in the CREAM ecosystem. The group's decentralized oracles now provide CREAM users with accurate price feeds for all their offerings. CREAM Finance Project Manager and Co-Founder Leo Cheng said about the partnership: “Timely and decentralized pricing flows are crucial to DeFi's security. By using the proven solution of the Band Protocol across multiple networks, all users can enjoy extremely accurate and fast updated price streams while interacting with CREAM money markets and fast loans. “CREAM Finance is an unauthorized, transparent and no deposit protocol currently based on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Phantom blockchains. The company works closely with Yearn Finance to offer innovative products such as Iron Bank and Flash Loans. Band Integration provides CREAM price oracle feeds for over 196 digital assets, currencies, and commodities in the above-mentioned blockchains. According to the Band Protocol: “Both teams have completed the integration for existing markets and recent additions such as SUSHI, IOTX, and SXP, and much more continues. We will continue to work closely together as both projects expand to support DeFi in a phase of rapid growth. About CREAM Finance CREAM is part of the Yearn Finance ecosystem and offers an unauthorized, open-source, blockchain-independent protocol for users of Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Fantom. Users who want to earn income with Bitcoin or Ethereum can invest in CREAM, just like a traditional savings account. About the Band Protocol Band Protocol is an inter-chain data oracle

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