Copa America South America Cup Cup to be played as NFT

The 2021 South American Football Cup, the “America’s Cup”, the winning trophy, will be played as an unalterable coin (NFT).

Etherness chain to chase Copa America Trophy as nft
The South American Football Association (called” CONMEBOL”) has announced a partnership with the etherity network to defeat the NFT.

The NFT will be based on the Cup, which is the winner of the America’s Cup, South America’s main Continental Cup.

The national teams of the continent compete for the title every 4 years, and this year this trophy is the 47th.times are edited.

Argentina beat Brazil 1-0 in the final to take home the trophy this year. The name marked the end of a 28-year drought for the country. It is also the first international trophy for Argentine captain Lionel Messi.

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COMNEBOL also plans to hit four other NFTS. One would be for the aforementioned superstar Messi, who picked up the player’s tournament prize.

Each finalist from the remaining 3 collections will receive one, and the last one will be based on the best scorer award, called the Goleador Cup.

Sundays Of Non-Exchangeable Tokens
Sunday May’s Nft market collapsed by nearly 90% and hasn’t recovered much in terms of trading volume since.

Some think the previous Sunday was just a bubble. However, others still think the future of technology is pretty bright.

Several major investments have been made in the industry in recent months, such as the $ 100 million Fox blockchain business or the Marvel NFT store. Big names like this are the voice of confidence in the future of the NFS.

With wide recognition, the Sunday will only get better in the future. The digital collections of Copa America and Marvel only show that these unalterable tokens are starting to go mainstream.

An interesting fact to note is that the NFT failure

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