Cool Cats interim partners with NFT project, NFT business magazine Fortune sales rise by $ 1.3 million

Fortune and TIME, the two largest American newspapers, have recently plunged into the unalterable token ecosystem (NFT). Fortune, The New York-based multinational business magazine, raised $ 1.3 million this week in the sale of its first nft collection. Also, after NFT sold the covers of time magazines, it was revealed that the company was working with the cool Cats NFT project.

Cool Cats nft project and TIME magazine collaborate
Tokens that cannot be replaced (NFTs) are very popular in 2021, and many believe this trend will continue for too long. The NFT industry has attracted numerous popular artists as well as numerous celebrities. As well as celebrities, famous brands are immersed in the crypto atmosphere with NFT. For example, at the end of June, News reports that Gannett, the largest American newspaper publisher, has launched its first at the firm.

Mid-April, TIME magazine reported that the public added bitcoin (BTC) to the balance sheet following three NFT cover auctions in late March. On August 14, the NFT Cool Cats Project told its subscribers that it was working with time to compress 400 units of NFT.

Cool cats and TIME magazine work together.
The Cool Cats Project is an NFT project similar to the CryptoPunks and bored monkeys Yacht Club (BAYC) because Cool Cats has produced a limited number of 10,000 NFT cats. The newly released “cool cats” will feature cats that read TIME magazine and will have 100x Elu cats, 100x Clons cats, 100x xtremetom cats and 100x lynoid cats, according to a recent announcement.

“Wow, what a crazy time to live,” the project team’s announcement reads. “We are honored and privileged to announce a limited series with TIME magazine, one of the most iconic and respected companies in the world. Keith Grossman, the president at the time, loved cats so much that he offered to work together! Keith police

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