Congratulations on surviving the biggest crash in Bitcoin history, but is it worse?

Glassnode data shows that the recent Bitcoin collapse was worth $ 2.56 billion, the biggest crash in dollar history. March 2020 "corona accident" was the biggest precedent with $ 1.38 billion. While yesterday's 13% increase is welcomed, uncertainty continues. The question for everyone is: Are we still in a bull market? Source: @WClementeIII on Emotion is still tough The past two weeks have shown that Bitcoin is not immune to FUD or market manipulation as some suspected. Holding it during this time was a painful experience for many. But the biggest fear is that last Wednesday's crash ended the bull run. The debate is still heated as to whether this is the case. From an emotional point of view, reading 22 on the Fear and Greed Index shows that terrible nerves are always tense with extreme fear. This is a significant improvement over yesterday's number 10. However, it would be an understatement to say that the market remains cautious. The Fear and Greed Index measures emotions and feelings and displays them on a scale from 0 to 100. 0 indicates extreme fear, 100 indicates extreme greed. Looking at Bitcoin's daily chart shows that BTC is currently below the 200-day moving average and the bears are still out despite yesterday's relaxation rally. A close above the 200-day moving average is needed to calm fears about the end of the bull market. BTC is trying to build on yesterday's gains and move above the 200-day moving average. Until this happens, however, it is technically too early to say that the bull cycle will remain intact. Source: What's next for BTCUSD Bitcoin on This did not prevent the flood of analysts from expressing his views on the subject. Fundstrat Global Advisors founder Tom Lee said volatility is Bitcoin's nature. He continues his forecast of $ 100,000 for the end of the year. "I think bitcoin

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