Compass mining partners with Oklo to provide bitcoin mining operations through advanced nuclear fission

Compass Mining, the Bitcoin mining company, said the company had acquired oklo Inc.he announced a 20-year partnership with. contract. a California company that produces emission-free clean energy with advanced fission.Juliette: Oklo explains that the company aims to provide 150 megawatts (MW) of compass clean energy to manage its bitcoin mining operations.Julianne Feinstein

Advanced nuclear fission and bitcoin mining combine
Recently, miners around the World Extreme torch gas, hydropower, solar energy and geothermal solutions use bitcoin mining all kinds of processes-renewable and renewable energy was applied.

Recently, the bitcoin Mining Council released a report that about 56% of SHA256 bitcoin hashrait is supplied with clean energy.Jul. Recently, numerous operations have also switched to carbon neutral energy methods for bitcoin mining.

On Wednesday, bitcoin mining company Compass Mining, Oklo Inc.he explained that he was working with. on the acquisition of clean energy for activities Jul. Wednesday’s announcement comes as Oklo announced it will provide 150mw of power for Compass in the first phase of the partnership.

Image of the first advanced Oklo partition installation. The plant is named Aurora and is located at the Idaho National Laboratory (IDL), administered by the Battelle Energy Alliance.
Oklo stresses that the company’s advanced splitting process could generate energy for Compass for 20 years. Moreover, advanced nuclear fission, advanced processes and energy-nuclear power plants operated with no time to refuel is not needed, Oklo also” benefit from opportunities to convert nuclear waste to clean energy.

Basically, advanced nuclear fission is a form of nuclear fission in which the nucleus of an atom is divided into two or smaller nuclei. This process produces the output of neutrons and gamma motons that can be used for all types of energy purposes.

The division of heavy elements was first discovered by Otto Khan and Fritz Strassman in 1938. Nuclear fission not depe

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