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Coinbase is buying more cryptocurrencies.
Brian Armstrong announced yesterday that his board has approved a plan to buy cryptocurrencies in bulk.
First, they buy $ 500 million from crypto to replenish their balance.
They then permanently deposit 10% of future earnings into the crypto.
No one can blame the crypto industry for not believing in their own assets.
Let’s these.
According to its quarterly reports, Coinbase holds $ 4.3 billion in cash. Ok…so buying a $ 500 million cryptocurrency is important, but there’s nothing they can’t afford. I think the more interesting part is the commitment to allocate future earnings to crypto purchases.
According to his claims, Coinbase’s earnings for Q2 were $ 1.6 billion, and there would be $ 160 million in crypto purchases this quarter alone.
However, Q2 was an explosive quarter for crypto overall as ETH and BTC prices hit new ATH. But to get a clearer idea of Coinbase’s potential cryptocurrency purchases, let’s look at the revenues over the past six months. That amounts to a net profit of about $ 4.7 billion on a year-on-year basis.
That means about $ 500 million worth of cryptocurrency purchases each year at current exchange rates.
What do you think will happen when cryptography becomes parabolic? Or when Coinbase’s revenues doubled, tripled or quadrupled? Buy more.
WELL, what do they get? Bitcoin, Ether and DeFi tokens … that makes them the first publicly traded U.S. company to add all of this to its balance sheet, not just bitcoin.
Bitcoin, Ether and Defie.
Guys, it’s just a company. BlockFi, Gemini and other crypto companies are up for IPO. what happens if they implement this system?
And then… what happens if everyone does that?
Listed companies have an average dollar value in cryptocurrency.
The upward trend.
That’s what we’re going to do next week.:
Ryan Selkis and I are talking about being an ETH bull.
Hayden Adams gets off the table

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