Coin Bureau reveals its crypto portfolio, main positions and investment strategy

The host and founder of the crypto clearinghouse Coin Bureau reveals the content of its renewed digital asset portfolio. In a new video, Coin Bureau's Guy reveals that his cryptocurrency portfolio is mostly made up of digital assets that rank in the top 20 in terms of market capitalization. The trader adds that the biggest cryptocurrency investment is the best Ethereum (ETH) smart contract platform followed by Bitcoin (BTC). “The first cryptocurrency I own is currently the only and only Bitcoin, representing about 27% of my crypto wallet. ETH currently accounts for more than 30% of my total cryptocurrency, which makes it the bulk of my wallet pie. The third largest allocation is the Polkadot blockchain interoperability platform (DOT), which accounts for almost 10% of the portfolio. According to CoinGecko, Polkadot is currently the seventh digital asset by market cap and has a rating of $ 42 million. "The third cryptocurrency in my wallet. Polkadot and DOT currently represent exactly 9.34% of my total cryptocurrency. "Another Ethereum competitor, Cardano (ADA), closely follows DOT as the fourth largest investment in Guy's portfolio by allocation. it currently has a higher value than Polkadot and has a market cap of $ 47 million at the time of writing. The fourth crypto project on my covers is Cardano and ADA represent about 8% of my crypto portfolio. is running. "Guy also owns the Oracle Chainlink (LINK) blockchain and represents less than 5% of the cryptocurrency portfolio." Chainlink is the fifth cryptocurrency I have and just over 4% of my wallet is on LINK. Guy points out that the cryptocurrency investment strategy is to make profits after big rallies and take risks that he's just comfortable with. “Even though I find myself more boring, I make a profit when I see prices rise to what I think is unsustainable. When I see one of the cryptos I hold Read more

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