Circle CEO traditionele banken zullen binnencourt genieten Wang claims stable coins

Jeremy aller, Chief Executive of Circle Pay, one of the largest digital currency companies, commented on the effectiveness of stable coins and their bright future in the US banking system. He compared the stability and low risk of a stable coin market to the traditional banking system.

“Stable money is getting so big that they’re going to be part of the regulated Federal banking system,” Aller told Squawk Box.”

He claimed that the stable coin market was similar to the current commercial banking system. He stressed that putting dollars into traditional bank accounts offers many advantages. These decks include credit systems, remortgaging, the freedom to accumulate a basket of assets and, above all, buy-back at any time without risk. He also compared similarities in the benefits of both stable coins and the Fiat banking system. He argued that when Stablecoin joined the regulated Federal banking system, those deals would soon be included in the same Sunday area.

Determined money is risky but Democratic
He acknowledged there was a risk of volatility even when using stable currencies. But according to Aller, this is”the essence of modern payment systems.” But he stressed that the crypto Sunday requires absolute transparency, unlike traditional financial systems. He added circle’s efforts to provide a secure and regulated system for the stablecoin community. This also applies to consumer protection policies that are regularly reviewed.

“We have a regulated system specifically designed with consumer protection mandates in mind, and companies are committed to them and investigated by them,” Aller said.

Stable coins are better than normal cryptography
Circle’s chief executive argues that a stable coin market is a solid medium. It includes both crypto transparency and Fiat rules. He used the example of high-end companies such as Square, Apple and PayPal to identify customer deals that are not profitable in core crypto.

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