Chinese police victimized Bitcoin in 3 million yuan robbery case

Police in Jiangxi Province, China, reportedly recovered bitcoins stolen from a victim and returned them to their owner. The lawsuit is about the theft of 8,236 bitcoins worth about 3 million yuan. According to local media reports this week, Victim Police in Jiangxi Province, China, where Police Reverted Bitcoin for Theft, resolved a case of bitcoin theft worth about 3 million yuan ($ 466,000). A man, known solely by the last name Shan, filed a report to a police who said he was unable to access the email account associated with the cryptocurrency wallet after changing his password. His account contained 8,236 BTC worth about 2.96 million yuan. At the time of writing, this bitcoin amount is worth $ 406,949. Authorities revealed in a preliminary investigation that the e-mail account was linked to more than 20 phone numbers illegally obtained by the suspect to prevent detection by the police. However, the police eventually followed the suspect, whose only last name was Zeng, from Jiangsu Province in eastern China through extensive data review and analysis, and was arrested on April 20 in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Southern China. Zeng admitted that he was greedy when the bitcoin price went up. The post revealed that he conspired with others to give the password to the email account that would later trick the victim into accessing the victim's bitcoin. Police said that while the case was pending, Zeng was criminally detained. What do you think of this bitcoin theft case? Let us know in the comments below. Featured bitcoin theft, email accounts, passwords, police, police, bitcoin refund, bitcoin refund, bitcoin stealingMore

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